If you have lost/changed your phone or Yubikey, you will need to reset your Two Factor Authentication method to access your wallets. 

Users with less than 2 BTC may perform the reset themselves by following the instructions below: (User with more Bitcoin, please submit a request here.)

1. Go to www.bitgo.com/login and enter your username and password. Then click on log in.

2. You will then be directed to the Two Factor Authentication screen. On the bottom of the page, you will find a link labelled "Request reset". Click this link.

3. You will receive an email with a verification link. Click the link to initiate the Two Factor Authentication reset process. If you have more than 2 BTC in your account, you will receive an email asking you to contact BitGo support (support@bitgo.com).

4. After verifying your reset request, BitGo will send you an email after 48 hours with a link to reset your 2FA. During the waiting period, you will receive reminder emails informing you that the reset is in progress. The emails also contain a link that will let you to cancel the reset process at any time in case your phone or Yubikey has been found in the interim.

5. We strongly recommend that you use 2FA on your account. Please go to your security settings in order to setup a new Two Factor Authentication method. Learn more about how to setup Two Factor Authentication here.

Important Note: You can opt-out of the Two Factor reset option by going to https://www.bitgo.com/settings#security and uncheck “Enable me in the automated Two Factor reset program. If you were to lose your phone or Yubikey, you will need to contact BitGo support in order to reset your 2FA. (This process may take about 2 - 4 days)