Why transactions are marked as pending:

  • If transactions have less than one confirmation from the Bitcoin network, they are marked as pending.

Why your transaction may have been pending for longer than expected:

  • Your transaction may take a long time to move from the pending state to the confirmed state for the following reasons:
    • The wallet that the transaction originated from set a low fee on the transaction and has not been accepted by the Bitcoin network yet.
    • The Bitcoin network could be under high contention due to high transaction volumes and so transactions can naturally take a long time to confirm.
  • What can I do if my transaction has been pending for too long:
    • If the transaction has been pending for longer than expected, check with the sender of the transaction to see if the fee set on the transaction was appropriate.
    • If the fee seems appropriate try to request the "transaction ID" of the transaction and contact us at support@bitgo.com so that we can open a investigation on the issue.