BitGo does not have a copy of your wallet passcode. If you forget or lose your passcode, you won’t be able to transfer your Bitcoin using BitGo. Instead, you will need to use the information provided to you on your wallet Keycard PDF file, which BitGo created and downloaded for you when you first created your wallet. The information on the Keycard will allow you to regain access to your wallet by entering a new wallet passcode for you to remember.

First, go to your Wallet settings > Password and click on “Lost your wallet password? Recover your wallet

Then, click on the “ Start Recovery button” to start your recovery.

There are two ways to recover access to your wallet, and which one is appropriate for you depends on how the wallet was created and if you have multiple administrators on a wallet.

1. Use KeyCard

You can use recovery info from the KeyCard saved when this wallet was created. First, locate the wallet keycard and scroll to D: Encrypted Wallet password (Wallets created before June 28 2014 do not have Box D and you will have to contact to recover your wallet)

1. Copy the data and paste it into the Box D text field.

2. Click on Recover

3. We’ll decrypt the wallet password and you will be prompted to set a new wallet password

4. Finally, you should be notified of the successful recovery.

2. Request re-invite

If you have multiple admins on an wallet, you can request an re-invite. You can recover access by getting another wallet admin to re-invite you.