The 45 XRP that you see when an XRP wallet is first created is the wallet creation fee; each Ripple wallet costs 45 XRP to create. 

Also, when a Ripple wallet is initially created, there are also some other related fees that amount to 0.0225 XRP:

- setting up multisig on the wallet

- enforcing destination tags on receive

- disabling the singlesig master key

As a result, the wallet shows a total of four transactions when the wallet is initially created: 

  • 45 XRP received.
  • Three internal transfers of -.0075 XRP each.

This explains why you see a balance of 44.9775 XRP after the initial wallet creation. Please keep in mind, however, that this balance is not spendable.

BitGo covers the costs of the first 5 XRP wallets for your organization; if you wish to create more than 5, please contact BitGo Support, and specify the number of additional wallets you need. We will then engage with our Billing Department, who will prepare an invoice for the additional wallets.