The BitGo Wallet Recovery Wizard is an open-source tool produced by BitGo to help users with coin recoveries. The WRW currently supports:

  • Recovering coins without the use of BitGo services via the Recovery KeyCard
  • Recovering funds sent to addresses on the wrong chain (e.g., BTC sent to an LTC address)

The WRW can be downloaded from its GitHub page. After downloading, follow the installation instructions for your platform.

MacOS Installation:

1. Double-click the downloaded .dmg file. 

2. In the window that opens, drag the icon titled 'BitGoWalletRecoveryWizard' into the 'Applications' folder.

3. Once copying is complete, right-click the BitGoWalletRecoveryWizard icon in the 'Applications' folder, and select 'Open' to start the application. If you receive a notification that the application could not be opened because the publisher is unknown, click 'Open' in the notification box to open the application.

Windows Installation:

1. Right-click the downloaded .zip file, and select 'Extract All...'

2. In the prompt that appears, select the folder to install the application to (e.g. C:\Program Files), and click 'Extract'.

3. Once extraction is complete, the extracted folder will contain a 'BitGoWalletRecoveryWizard.exe' file. Double-click this file to start the application. 

When using the application, you have the option to log into either 'Testnet', 'Mainnet' or 'Non-BitGo Recoveries'.

  • 'Testnet' logs into BitGo's test environment at
  • 'Mainnet' logs into BitGo's production environment at
  • 'Non-BItGo Recoveries' enters the tool without logging into BitGo. In this mode, only the recovery functionality that does not use BitGo services is available.

Please contact with any further questions or concerns.