We have made changes to the wallet contract so that receive address creations use less gas. As you may know already, receive addresses created on your Ethereum wallet cost transaction fees which are taken from your fee address. During times of high network activity, these fees can be fairly high.

Follow these steps to minimize the cost of receive address creation:

1. Make sure your enterprise fee address is funded. Create a new wallet (please note that this feature is not available on existing wallets).

2. Get the wallet using the API. (https://www.bitgo.com/api/v2/#get-wallet) Note the lowPriorityFeeAddress value. This fee address can be used to create receive addresses on your wallet with a low gas price.

3. Add funds to the low priority fee address. 

4. Create receive addresses on the wallet (https://www.bitgo.com/api/v2/#create-wallet-address) by passing the flag lowPriority: true and passing in the gasPrice manually. (e.g. wallet.createAddress({lowPriority: true, gasPrice: 5000000000})

Please note that your enterprise fee address is still used for transaction fees on "sends" from your wallet. This is by design, so that these transactions are not blocked by low-fee receive address creation transactions.