1. In order to create a wallet in Stellar (XLM) on chain, you will first need to navigate to test.bitgo.com

    1. To create an XLM wallet, select the wallet type dropdown menu two boxes to the left of the “create wallet” button 

    2. Next, select the option to “view more” wallet types

    3. Select XLM from the list of wallet types

    4. Name your new wallet

    5. Press the create wallet button and follow the wallet creation walkthrough

  2. Once you have your XLM wallet created, you will need to create the account on chain by sending it funds using the Stellar Labs Faucet found here : https://www.stellar.org/laboratory/#account-creator?network=test

    1. To do so, start by copying the wallet address of your newly created BitGo XLM wallet

    2. Navigate to the site mentioned above for the Stellar faucet

    3. Once on the page, you will be greeted with the following page: 

    1. From this page, you will want to paste your wallet address into the filed for Friendbot to fund the address (making sure to delete the end of the wallet address that looks like this →  ?memoId=0).

    2. Once you have pasted the address to your BitGo wallet address, press the “send test network lumes” button

    3. A green box will appear that will say Successfully funded {wallet address of your BitGo wallet} on the test network : 

    1. Navigate to your BitGo XLM test wallet and you will see the funds pending in your wallet address or confirmed depending on the speed at which the transaction is confirmed: