To begin using Federated addresses, you must first create one using the API or the UI. Once you have created your Stellar Federated address (E.g. username@domain* you will be able to supply this to those that wish to send you funds, as long as the platform that they are using is capable of sending to Federated addresses on the XLM network, and our platform and node will automatically index the funds to your wallet; if the senders wallet platform cannot send to federated addresses, please provide them with your PubKey address. 

Once you create a Federated address using our platform, you will not be able to change the address in the future. Make sure that you have selected a federation address that you will maintain for the life of your wallet. Federated addresses can contain the following characters: lower case letters, numbers, dash (-), underscore (_), dot (.), plus sign (+) and at sign (@)

The *bitgo after your username will be automatically applied to your federated address when you create it.