Creation of Stellar wallets using our platform is easy. In the UI, you will go through the traditional wallet creation flow following the on screen instructions. When you reach the end of the wallet creation flow, you will need to fund the wallet using your pubkey address and an exchange like Bitstamp, Korbit or Dunamu to send funds to your new XLM wallet. You can also fund Stellar wallets using another BitGo wallet. Please note that although the wallet is created on our platform, it will not exist on chain until it has been funded. 

When you create a wallet in the API, you can also use the normal wallet creation flow documented here :, again making sure that you fund the wallet upon wallet creation completion. The minimum balance needed to create the account on the network at the moment is 1 XLM, not 0.5. But for initialization, BitGo requires a minimum of 2.50004 XLM (the calculation is:

([# of cosigners] + 2) * [base reserve]) = 2.5 

(after we set up multi-sig) + fees for the initialization tx (3 for multi-sig, 1 for thresholds, deactivate master key, set home domain)